How much time do you spend on parcels?

Do the test and determine the value of a uCella parcelbox!


And... how much time do you spend on parcels?

      ± times a year. Can you spare this time?
      ± times a year. How do your neighbors feel about that?
      ± times a year. And rushing to get there on time? Or parking issues?
      ± hours a year. Time you can surely spend more wisely.
Often the waiting for, picking up and dropping off packages takes much more time than you think. Suppose you charge € 15 per hour, it will cost you
      ± a year
Imagine how much time (and money) you can save with uCella, your personal parcelpoint at home. Using the uCella parcelbox will cost you
      ± a parcel
uCella, the smart and stylish solution
  • The smart way to receive and ship your parcels
  • Works with all parcel delivery companies
  • Easy to install and operate
  • Can be shared with multiple users
  • Sleek, secure and weatherproof
The cost per package is calculated over a period of three years, including subscription fees and VAT. If you share a uCella with multiple users, you also share the costs! This can be calculated by adjusting the number of parcels received (step 1) and parcels send (step 2) accordingly.

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